This site is the online version of a publication first prepared for presention to the Holocaust Memorial Day committee.

Copies of the printed version are very limited but if you wish, you can download PDF versions of the publication to your computer. The links to the PDFs can be found on the Contents page.

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Remember - cover
Statement by 126 Holocaust Scholars
European Parliament Resolution
International Affirmations and Recognitions by...
...Heads of State
...Various Countries
Recognitions of the Armenian Genocide within the UK
Turkish Affirmations of the Armenian Genocide
Newspaper Articles at the time of the Genocide
Official Government Letters during the Genocide
Comparative Studies by ...
...Dr Tessa Hofmann
...RG Suny and Fatma Göçek
...Dr Yair Auron
...Dr SD Stein
Quotations by Prominent People
Memoirs, Diaries and Short Articles
Press Releases and Discussion
Contemporary Newspaper Headlines
Statistics and Calculations